Aircraft Piston Engines

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Aircraft Engines

An aircraft piston engine, also commonly referred to as a reciprocating engine, is an internal combustion engine that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotational motion. The aircraft piston engine operates on the same principles as the engines found in most automobiles. Fuel Aircraft reciprocating (piston) engines are typically designed to run on aviation gasoline (Avgas) although engine versions running on automotive gasoline (Mogas) or both are also offered in the market. 
Avgas has a higher octane rating than Mogas to allow higher compression ratios, power output, and efficiency at higher altitudes. Currently the most common Avgas is 100LL.

As part of our "one stop shop" philosophy we have developed long standing relations with manufacturers or distributors of aircraft engines (both widely known and others less known). We have tried to build up an aircraft engine collection that would cover the diverse needs of our customers, from pre-assembled, test run and ready to fly engines suitable for certified and non certified aircraft to engine kits offered for local assembly by the buyers as per manufacturer’s instructions. A range of parts and accessories are also available for each offered engine.

Although the engines from TEXTRON LYCOMING, CONTINENTAL MOTORS, BPR ROTAX or other makers are frequently used to power modern General Aviation aircraft, other engine builders are also manufacturing quality engines to serve the needs for ultra lightsand home builts/experimental aircraft, both as pre-assembled or kit versions. 

Our own aspiration is to provide our customers with sufficient information and cost effective solutions. After all, a "good engine" is not necessarily related only to the reputation of the manufacturer. It has also to do with how best this engine fullfils your design and production project needs.

Currently, our offered aircraft piston engine range for GA aircraft includes:
Textron Lycoming horizontally opposed, air-cooled, four, six- and eight-cylinder engines powering more than half the world's general aviation rotary and fixed wing aircraft fleet. 
Continental Motors four, six and eight-cylinder opposed piston, radial and inverted-V, turboprop/turboshafts and jet aircraft engines.
BRP (Rotax) certified and non-certified engines for light and ultralight aircraft.
MWFly non-certified 4-cylinder boxer aircraft engines delivering from 100 to 155 HP developed specifically for use in light aircraft. 
Revmaster non-certified aircraft engine for use in experimental and ultralight aircraft.
HKS non-certified aircraft engines for use in experimental light-sport aircraft (S-LSA or E-LSA) and other applications.
Hummel non-certified 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder aircraft engines (based on VW conversions) for use in experimental and ultralight aircraft.
Great Plains Aircraft 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder non certified aircraft engines, based on VW conversions, for use in experimental aircrafts and ultralights.
Viking non-certified aircraft engines based on HONDA car engine and related parts for use in experimental and ultralight aircraft.
Aeroconversions (AeroVee) engine kits for use in experimental (non-certified) aircraft.
Engine power ranges from 60 to a few hundreds horsepower (HP) with respective price differentiations.
For more information on specific engines please visit our Web Platform for Supplies.