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Our Products

With more than 12.500 SKUs of products, parts, materials and systems from over 300 co-operating vendors, AVIATIONEU SUPPLIES & SERVICES is able to cover diverse supply needs for applications in the aerospace and other industrial sectors. Apart from listed branded items from different manufacturers, our own brand range of products (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product line) aims to provide cost-effective alternative solutions for our customers. Brief information on our different product categories can be seen at this site while product specific information is available at our Web Platform for Supplies

We are often asked by our clients to recommend materials, parts or products suitable for their needs regarding their new aircraft projects or upgrades. Our standard reply is that the best goods are those which cover the requirements of their intended applications at a meaningful price.

We believe that our customers (ranging from aircraft owners and experimental plane builders to maintenance stations, light and ultralight aircraft manufacturers and operators) are intelligent people, know better their needs and therefore they are the best to decide when they are well informed on available options in the market. To help them with their selection, we thought useful to prepare and publish short reference guides on offered materials, products and parts in different categories (fasteners, engines, avionics, metals, etc.). These guides, published as articles in this site, are not intended to be by any means an exhaustive list of what is available in the market or what can be offered by AVIATIONEU SUPPLIES & SERVICES. With the number of current manufacturers/suppliers of aviation products worldwide, the number and variety of available goods, newly launched products/models and other no longer available or replaced by their manufacturers, the preparation and updating of exhaustive catalogs would not be feasible or meaningful.

In addition, registered users of our Web Platform have full access to catalogs and other reference materials included in our Library section.