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AviationEU Supplies & Services

Founded in July 2000 in Athens, Greece.
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Share Capital: 120.000 EUR
Head Office: Athens, Greece
Greek Business Registry (ΓΕΜΗ) Number: 3873901000
Company Activities: Aviation and Industrial Supplies, Aircraft Sales, Technical Support for Aircraft & Engine/Propeller Maintenance/Overhauls,  I.T. and Consulting Services.

AviationEU Supplies & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation & Consulting Ltd.) was founded in July 2000 in Athens, Greece to provide a range of services from Aviation Training and Time Building to Flying Holidays, Aerial Photography, Technical Assistance, Supplies, Consulting and I.T. services to Greek and foreign customers. Together with AviationEU Training Systems & Services (formerly Eurowings Aviation Training Services) they form AviationEU Group of Companies. For more information on the Group companies please visit the AviationEU Group Portal.In this portal you can also find information on our Group wide policies (such as GDPR).

Today, AviationEU Supplies & Services is the leading company of the Group in terms of turnover with worldwide exports of materials and products exceeding 90% of company sales. There are many factors contributing to the achievement of this performance but those listed below are perhaps the most important ones.

One Stop Shop Philosophy. We fully respect the significance for our customers to find fast and efficiently the products/materials they need. For this reason, we have developed and operate our own ecommerce platform (Web Platform for Supplies, www.ecommerce.aviationeu.supplies),constantly enrich our offered product portfolio with new items, group them together in product families (whenever possible) and provide reference information collected from our suppliers and other sources for customer review and selection. For more information on this platform please refer to the Supplies section. With more than 15.000 reference codes (SKUs) corresponding to an extensive range of materials and products sourced from over 400 vendors worldwide, including our own branded (AVIATIONEU NEW ERA) product lines, AviationEU Supplies & Services today serves the supply needs of a large variety of aviation and industrial applications.

Trusted Vendors. We place a great emphasis in the selection of our suppliers as competitive prices are not enough if they are not accompanied by quality products. It is the relation of quality and price which plays the most important role in the product selection and order placement.

Cost Effective Supplies. In addition to branded products from numerous manufacturers, we have developed AVIATIONEU NEW ERA, our own brand, for a continuously growing number of items in different categories from fasteners to metals, hoses, tubes, headsets just to name a few. Sourced directly from certified manufacturers they comply with international standards and provide cost effective solutions compared to their counterparts of other brands.

Customer Services. Our support extends before sales, throughout the order placement and processing and after sales. We try to seek and publish at our Web Platform for Supplies any additional information which will help our customers to select the goods best serving their needs, organize ordering and shipments to secure quickest possible deliveries of ordered goods and provide information or clarifications to resolve any problems in their applications or administer any returns in rare cases of product malfunctions. All these together with a comprehensive reporting and document system including order reports, customer account statements, electronic invoices and packing lists, etc.

Please use the links included in our side menu to visit the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies and other AviationEU sites.

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