AviationEU Customers


Different customer groups (categories) described below have been established by AviationEU Group companies to meet sales requirements in different markets (domestic, EU, exports to non-EU countries). With these groups, AviationEU Supplies and Services and AviationEU Training Systems and Services address tax, pricing, discount or other issues related to AviationEU Group global sales. They are fully integrated as sub-categories (sub-classes) of registered users in the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies. Changes in these groups, as needed from time to time, shall be implemented at the entire discretion of AviationEU Group. Current customer groups include:

Tax Free/Export Customers entitled to tax (VAT) exemptions: This group includes registered web platform users/customers for which NO TAX (VAT) is applied to the net value of the goods sold. This group includes Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, VIES registered customers (i.e. entities with a valid EU VAT number entitled to Intra-Community purchases) as well as buyers from non-EU countries. It is noted that VAT is applied in the cases when the ordered has been placed by a VIES registered or an export customer, but the ordered product(s) are picked up from the customer or on his behalf in GREECE.

Customers with no tax exemptions: This category includes registered web platform users/customers for which TAX (VAT) is applied to the net value of the goods sold. Typical customers in this class include consummers (end customers) based in Greece or any other EU member country. As from July 1st 2021, the new EU VAT provisions for electronic (web) sales require VAT application and payment by the seller based on VAT rates at the country of the buyer. For sales under EUR 10.000,00 VAT application and payment by the seller is made based on VAT rates applied at the country of the seller.

Reward Scheme Customers: includes customers entitled to benefits in the context of the AviationEU Group Customer Reward Scheme (please refer to the relevant section for additional information). Classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold,depending on their total annual amount paid for their orders, these customers are offered additional product discounts and other benefits (like free shipping within the EU). 

Special Category Customers: This special group includes Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Bodies,Training Institutions and/or other entities as determined from time to time by AviationEU Group. Benefits for this customer category usually include lower minimum order quantities from those normally applied, product volume discounts and payment on delivery of ordered goods. 

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