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AviationEU Group logistics network currently includes warehouses in two shipping locations (U.S. and Greece) and co-operations with international couriers, road, sea and air freight forwarders in addition to traditional postal services. U.S. warehouse mostly serves shipments to customers in North & South America countries with the Greek warehouses serving the rest of the world. In certain cases, shipments can be arranged directly from our suppliers to the customer destination. This network enables AviationEU Group fulfillment companies to complete custom clearance (whenever required) and shipments to end client destinations as part of our offered services.

Different delivery terms apply for orders placed with AviationEU Group companies with the default being EXW - ExWorks (at the premises of our respective supplier) unless otherwise agreed and specified. Prices appearing in the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies are based on this default delivery term. Under this sale term, the ordered goods are available to the buyer at the premises of the supplier of the AviationEU Group fulfillment company.The customer (or other entity acting on his behalf) can either pick up the ordered goods from the above mentioned location and carry out all other required tasks of carriage & insurance and additionally those of export & import clearance to the country of final destination (in the case of exports). There are several reasons for this policy. Customers sometimes wish to make their own arrangements for the pick-up of the goods by their own forwarders and complete their own custom clearance works (whenever required). In addition, different shipping options can be applied ranging from air freight cargo, to courier services to road transport, depending on customer requirements and destinations. All the above affect respective custom and shipping costs and therefore there is no possibility for application of a flat rate to all orders.

For orders including goods sourced from multiple suppliers and/or partial shipments required, this delivery option is not recommended. In this case, shiping arrangements are better to be made by the AviationEU Group fulfillment company, exploiting the AviationEU Group logistics network resources and expertise. When needed, consolidated shipments to the customer of goods from multiple vendors can be implemented for further reduction of shipping charges. Different  INCO terms (as required) such as CPT - Carriage Paid,  CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid or DDP-Delivery and Duty Paid can be agreed with the respective computation and application of additional costs depending on customer requirements on a case by case basis.

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