AviationEU Group Payments

Before any confirmed order can be processed, a payment of the full order amount (with only specific exemptions) has to be made to the AviationEU fulfillment company. Payments can be made:

a) by wire transfer to the AviationEU fulfillment company designated bank account. In the case of wire transfers, the Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation documents sent to the customers include all necessary information for the execution of the transfer.

b) by debit/credit card payment ONLY in EURO. Most card operators such as VISA, MASTER CARD and others are accepted. A card payment notification is issued and sent to the customer for the payment. in the case of debit/credit card payments, the following customer information MUST BE AVAILABLE for the issue of the card payment notification:

- the personal or company email for sending the payment notification,

- the full name (and company title if needs to be included in the invoice)

- the full shipping address with postal code for shipping ordered goods. 

- the telephone number in case the customer is needed to be contacted for the delivery of the ordered goods.

Submitted by aveuadmin on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 17:11