AviationEU Group Prices-Discounts


Selling prices for items appearing at the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies are provided as reference prices only. They are based on the most recent available prices from our suppliers, including any agreed reseller discounts. With an extensive and constantly growing number of suppliers, prices may change frequently as a result of respective price changes from the manufacturers and/or changing exchange rates (as for example in the case of US sourced products). Actual selling prices for ordered items may differ from published prices as the latter do not include any discounts described below.

Depending on the profile of a registered user/customer, appearing prices at the platform may or may not include tax (VAT). This is clearly stated in the platform below the price.

Selling prices can be used for retail sales and respective payments during the checkout process in cases where the demanded quantities comply with our minimum order quantity requirements.

For corporate customers or prospective buyers with multiple products, significant quantities and/or those already under our Customer Reward Scheme or falling under Special Group category, we strongly recommend their communication and sending of their RFQ details to AviationEU Group sales team for examination and quotation. If the quotation is accepted, order items shall be included in the Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation documents sent to the customers for review and approval prior to their order placement. 


Selling prices appearing at the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies:

INCLUDE ONLY the PURCHASE COST per unit of measurement (UOM) as well as any trading fees of AviationEU Group fulfillment company. UOM is the unit that the Selling Price corresponds to. For example, the selling price may refer to each unit of product (designated as ea.) or a piece (pc.) or an assembly (in case of an assembly of parts) etc. UOM is mentioned in Product Details at the platform.

They relate to the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) as indicated at the platform. Please refer to the Order Quantities section for additional information.

Transportation as well as any custom clearance costs from the suppliers to the AviationEU warehouses in Athens, Greece or other countries MAY BE APPLIED SEPARATELY.

Transportation as well as any custom clearance costs from the the AviationEU warehouses to customer end destination (whenever required) are ADDITIONALLY APPLIED.

Depending on the specific customer profile and order requirements, tax (VAT), transportation and custom clearance costs appear in the order as "Tax","Shipping" and/or "Other Costs" respectively.


There are 3 different discounts, briefly described below, established as part of AviationEU Group pricing and customer reward policies and used in Group operations, two of them (Product and Customer) implemented in the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies with the third (Order) being an ad hoc discount. These discounts are INDEPENDENT and CUMMULATIVE (i.e. added to one another).Therefore, customers can benefit from one, two or all three of them. They are computed and appear as Combined (Consolidated) Discount in the Quotation/Order Confirmation, Proforma and Invoice documents issued during order processing/fulfillment.

Volume (aka Product) Discount:This is a product specific discount based on the respective Minimum Discount Quantitiy (MDQ) specified at the platform. This discount applies when the demanded quantity of a material or product IN A SINGLE ORDER exceeds its MDQ.  

Customer Discount:Unlike product discount, customer discounts relate to specific returning customers and respective benefits gained as a reward for their continuous order activity beyond certain thresholds. According to AviationEU Group reward scheme they are refered to as Bronze, Silver or Gold customers and are entitled to specified discounts computed on the basis of the total net value of their orders (i.e. excluding shipping or other costs) in the year preceding that of discount application. For example, a customer who is awarded a Silver Status on the basis of orders in 2020 is entitled to use the respective discount for all orders throughout 2021.Customer discounts appear in the platform during the checkout stage of the order placement.

Ad hoc Order Discount:This discount is order specific. It can be applied at AviationEU Group sole discretion on a case by case basis.due to the significant total value or asked quantities in an order.

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