AviationEU Consulting-IT Services


AviationEU Supplies & Services leads or actively participates in Management Consulting and I.T. projects implemented by the Group companies in the aviation and other fields.

Consulting services include but not limited to:

- preparation and support for implementation of business, investment & development plans,
- evaluation of business & investment plans,,
- studies for the organisation/ reorganisation and business process engineering/ re-engineering,
- feasibility studies,
- project management,
- preparation of proposals & support of implementation of projects funded by national or EU programs.

In the I.T. field, AviationEU Group companies have designed and actively participated in the development of all the Group operating web sites, e-commerce , e-learning and MIS systems resulting in a significant accumulated knowledge and skills in the comparative evaluation, testing, use and application of different software tools and technologies. The respective services in this field include:

- studies & consulting services for the introduction of I.T. and Communication technologies in companies and organisations,
- design, development and technical support for the operation of Web Sites, e-Learning systems as well as Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) to support a range of company activities.

AviationEU Aerial Photography Projects


In addition, AviationEU Supplies & Services has successfully implemented in the past several aerial photography (also called aerial shooting) projects for Greek and foreign customers responding to a variety of needs from tourism promotion, filming, event coverage/monitoring and others. They provided a total solution to the customer starting from the proper preparation and implementation of the project to the valorisation (when necessary) of resulting content, depending on customer's needs. Aerial were also combined with ground shooting activities in selected locations, when required. Respective flying platforms used included ight airplanes or helicopters while typical services supplied are listed below. Such services are no longer provided as standard services by AviationEU Supplies & Services but can be examined as special projects on demand.

- location scouting for the determination of shooting locations and objects followed by consulting services for the evaluation and selection of items to be included in the shooting list, on the basis of project objectives and limitations,
- compilation of the shooting map presenting areas and objects in each area to be submited to the client for approval,
- evaluation of alternative flying platforms and finalisation of the platform and other operational requirements in terms of human resources and equipment,
- provision of flight crew (professional pilot(s) and shooting personnel (photographer, director, etc. as required),
- supply of special equipment such as stabilized aerial camera mounts. Properly designed mounts to minimise vibrations from the motion of an aircraft and improve image quality,
- preparation of the final flight plan to be approved by the client,
- flight prepartion and scheduling. Reporting of project progress to the client,
- ferry flight(s) of aircraft to and from shooting locations and realisation of shooting flights,
- processing of aerial shooting content according to agreed specifications and delivery to the client,
- other supplementary services for the exploitation of content including the design and production of posters, informative leaflets, promotional video or other publicity materials or the design and development of Web applications to manage and disseminate shooting content.

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